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Prime Mold is a one stop shop for all of your injection molding needs. We offer full-service capabilities one everything from low-volume production injection molding, injection mold tooling, prototype injection molding and more. Our experienced team of technicians, sales staff and engineers are equipped to assist and guide you through the entire process, from the initial meet and greet to the final shipment of the product.


This molding option produces a large amount of product quickly, while maintaining functionality throughout.

This variation of injection molding is designed to reduce lead time and cut overall costs.

Our injection mold tooling operations over complete customization to meets your design specifications.

Injection Molding Across Numerous Industries

Prime Mold is proud to offer a range of injection molding services to a variety of industries throughout the United States. Our experienced team has worked with customers in numerous different sectors, including automotive, consumer goods, medical, aerospace and defense and much more.

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